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Show and Tell

May 21, 2007

Show and Tell
Since I’m new to the craft blogging world, I thought I’d do a little show and tell. A sort of quilt resume, if you will. Or quilt tops, I should say. I have a hard time finishing things because I get tired of looking at the same thing. I look back at these pictures and I’m a little sad that I sold all except the mini Irish chain, which I’m currently working on finishing. Hopefully, these have made it to good homes where they were finished into beautiful quilts though! Sorry for the picture quality. I tend to do a lot of crafting at night which makes for dark pictures.

This first one was donated for a fundraiser. I’ve made several of these flannel rag quilts, but this one was my favorite. I did the layout similar to the Buckeye Beauty found in one of my favorite quilt pattern books.

This is another favorite, and something I would love to make again, but maybe more like twin size. The pattern for it can be found here. The block is called “54-40 or Fight.” McCall’s Quick Quilts has a lot of other beautiful free patterns as well.

My largest quilt top was this queen sized Double Irish Chain. I liked the fabrics individually, but was a little disappointed with how drab it looked put together. Quilter’s Cache is one of the best quilt pattern sites out there, too! I used to spend hours on there.

And the mini scrappy that will be finished here soon.

Here’s another pattern that I got from Quilter’s Cache, scrappy Ohio Stars.

This bunny quilt top is one of my own design. I’d never done foundation paper piecing. But me being me, I tried one block, and decided I was a pro. Actually, like I’ve said, I’m just really impatient and like to try everything now without practice. But I think this turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Someday I will make one of these block-of-the-month quilts. I love applique, but I really lack the patience for it. These few blocks I made were definitely a learning experience. Like don’t use the extra strength Heat n’ Bond on something you will be hand sewing! So I ended up selling the few I had made because when I do ever make this quilt, I want to do all the blocks right. The patterns for each month are still available on (listed as “[month] quilt block”). I’d suggest saving these patterns to your computer if you’re interested since this quilt is from 2002 – I don’t know how long they will really keep them there!

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite pattern, the feathered star. This is another one from the Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns. I also received Feathered Star Quilt Blocks a couple Christmas’ ago, which has the great subtitle “Really Hard Blocks that Take a Long Time to Make.” So true, but so worth it when you get the right combination of colors happening. This 18″ block was one where I incorporated the idea of the kaleidoscope block into the feathered star. Once again, me trying to kill two birds with one stone because why make two quilt blocks when you can make one with two patterns?! But wow, love this one.

I’ve been trying really hard to make myself FINISH some quilts. I do have two simple baby quilts under my belt (I sold my son’s though – why do I do that?!). This one I machine quilted a grid, and tried a little free hand machine quilting on the border. Easy Machine Quilting is a good book for that (more on this book later).

Another thing I need to work on is not being so technical about my quilts. I’m one of those who will spend hours looking at how the colors line up when doing something “scrappy.” I need to force myself to blindly pull scraps from a bag and not worry about it!

So there you have it, my quilt top resume. Also on my to-do post list – a tutorial, and my want-to-do craft/quilt list.

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