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My First Doll Quilt

May 24, 2007

My First Doll Quilt
And my first Whiplash Competition! I actually finished this last week. I started on Sunday night and was done by Monday afternoon. Machine quilted, of course. It’s a tiny little 12″ x 12″. I used the disappearing nine patch tutorial here.

9 patches to disappearHere are my nine patches before cutting apart. I played around with some left over nine patches before I started. In the tutorial she uses nine different scraps in her blocks. I found that I really like the design that is created when you use a more traditional nine patch. It creates a sort of chain link or a design that looks like a diagonal eight to me. I can see a lot of options with this pattern though just depending on the colors used and how you construct your nine patches.

I machine quilted a leaf design, and filled in with some little squares in the blank spots when that wasn’t enough. Another time saver, I just wrapped the backing around to the front for the binding.

Disappearing 9 Patch Doll Quilt
Disappearing 9 Patch Back

I really enjoyed the process, that it was so quick to make, and machine quilting was really easy with it being so small. It actually ended up a lot smaller than I intended, but I didn’t really plan it out too much! Sometimes it’s fun to just figure out things as you go. I would like to try this pattern again though.

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