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Finished and WIP

July 10, 2007

Finished and WIP
I’ve packed up all the stuff in the computer cabinet and the parts of our desktop computer that enable me to upload pictures. So that’s it for new pictures in CA. Of course, posts are just more interesting with pictures, so I’ll reuse and link!

Last night I tried to finish up the shirt for a second pair of pajamas for Connor. I was having fits though. I sewed the collar in 3 times! I kept thinking, maybe I should look at the instructions again. But I just didn’t feel like digging them out. I’d already pulled out the pattern pieces to check my markings. I finally got it in though, and moved to the sleeves. The defective pattern sleeves that gave me fits last time! Of course, I had to start by making them according to the pattern because I didn’t know if it was in fact the pattern, or I’d done something weird last time. Well, now I know it IS the pattern. So I straighted out the arms and then I called it a night. If only these weren’t such a cute set of pajamas and I hadn’t found the adorable car flannels!

Last Sunday I finished that hand quilting project I was working on. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I do like hand quilting more than I expected to, but I don’t know that I would ever try hand quilting anything larger than this.
Mini Log Cabin Finished
Close-up of hand quilting

For hand sewing, I will just stick to applique. That, I really enjoyed doing. And hand sewing the binding – I think it just looks so much better. Speaking of these things, my swap partner received the doll quilt I sent her. And here it is:
Tropical Flowers Log Cabin
DQSII Tropical Flower Log Cabin

Fun, fun. When is the next Doll Quilt Swap?! Heehee! And I haven’t even gotten mine yet! In fact, I asked that my partner hold off on sending since I’m hoping to have a CO mailing address here by the end of the week. I don’t want my quilt being passed through the post office’s forwarding system because God knows where it could end up!

Today I’m continuing to tie Connor’s quilt/blanket. It’s flannel patchwork on front, and I chose a light blue chenille for the backing. No batting for this one, the chenille is so fluffy and soft. Tying is going well thanks to the tutorial at Happy Things. More firsts for me, I have never tied a quilt blanket before or used chenille. I could not believe the amount of lint that came off of it when I pre-washed it and even then had to shake it out really well. My nose was itching the whole night. Anyway, tying… my fingers were getting sore, so I’m taking a break. I think I’ll definitely be able to finish it up this week.

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