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Recipe Reviews

October 19, 2007

Recipe Reviews

Asian Beef Skewers
Asian Beef Skewers

My brother-in-law found this recipe and made these for his wife and I one night. Then he came over a couple days later by request to make them again so Josh could taste them. Then he took them to the men’s bbq where I hear from Josh that they were devoured. They are quite tasty and tender. We’ve never had sherry when making them, so Steve subbed 1 1/2 Tbsp EACH cider vinegar (just what we had) and oil for the sherry. Definitely a keeper. Not much else to say as a dummy could make these as long as they don’t overcook them. I’m a little sad that bbq season is pretty much over here. It’s a little too windy and cold by dinner time usually.

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup
Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Ok, initially I was really disappointed with this because I really wanted a mild, soothing chicken tortilla soup. What a got was a really good southwest style spicy chili. After I got over that, I love this recipe! It doesn’t get much easier than throwing a bunch of cans in to a Crock Pot (ok, and a chopped onion). You even just throw the whole chicken breasts in and chop them up when you’re about ready to serve it.

A few notes:
Cheese and sour cream are a must! Yum.

You gotta use this recipe for taco seasoning. Why? I don’t know. Because I did, and a lot of the reviews said it makes the soup, and reviews for the homemade taco seasoning are high, too. I didn’t want pepper flakes in it, so I just used half the amount of cayenne pepper instead. It’s super quick to throw together anyway, and then you just toss the whole couple Tbsp. or so into the Crock Pot with the soup.

I think Corona is a good beer choice for this. A lot of the reviews were saying that they didn’t like the beer taste, but Corona is so mild, that even I, who hate tasting any trace of alcohol, couldn’t taste it. I got a whiff of beer when reheating it, but that was it.

Soup…? Hmm… Chili. I’ll most likely make this again because I do like me a good chili. I used chicken cutlets instead of whole breast, and I could have used more chicken. I’m not crazy about soupy chili, although it did seem to get thicker over the next day or two. So maybe less beer, but I wouldn’t want to affect the flavor because it was perfect. Maybe another can of corn and black beans to make it heartier.

I used my Grandma’s old Crock Pot which I think is a 4-5 qt. and it was almost full to the top. I love the ugly old thing even though I have a newer bigger one. Don’t worry about the 5 hour cooking time – like most Crock Pot recipes you can leave it in there all day and it just tastes that much better. I had mine on for a good 10 hours since company came over and was snacking.

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