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Feathered Star Headache

January 14, 2008

Feathered Star Headache
I thought of another crafty goal… We’ve needed some decorative couch pillows for a while now. Some time ago, like maybe 2-3 years ago, I started cutting some fabrics that matched our couch with the intention of doing another feathered star quilt block. I already had templates made and had the larger setting pieces cut out. I went to put it together only to discover that one of the template pieces was too small, and all my setting pieces were wrong, too. That’ll teach me to just pick up some partially started project and go right at it! By the time I figured it all out, I probably had about a quarter of it together in one way or another. So I told myself that I would just make it work and not worry about the fact that my diamonds were not going to be diamonds! It’s only a pillow. With its few 1/8″ seams, it didn’t turn out too bad for feeling like a disaster. Next time I’ll consult my book first, the one with the subtitle “Really hard blocks that take a long time to make.”
Feathered Star

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