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C9 – Jane’s Tears

March 8, 2008

C9 – Jane’s Tears
C9 Jane's TearsDidn’t I tell ya?! I love to start new things! Here’s my first completed block for my Dear Jane quilt. I traced the pattern directly from my computer screen because I obviously still don’t have the book since deciding to join this afternoon! Cuteness. I used reverse applique, which I’ve never done before, as suggested. I have the other block from this week cut, but just didn’t feel like lugging out my sewing machine tonight.

So, is it just me or is the book a little hard to find? Granted, it’s out there, but I like a deal and it seems like those are few and far between for this popular book. I’m going to wait it out, see if I can find it in the store, or stick it out until I’m stuck and can’t figure out a pattern myself. I do really enjoy drafting my own patterns. From the reviews, it sounds like although there is a drawing of the blocks, you’re kind of left to figure out the pattern yourself anyway.

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