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B13 – Four Corner Press

March 9, 2008

B13 – Four Corner Press
B13 - Four Corner PressI won’t tell you how long it took me to pick out the fabrics for this block. Pathetic how much time that can take! And at the last minute I even changed the corner squares to that darker blue. I really like how it turned out.

Then I felt the need to make another. That was after I sat at the computer for who-knows-how-long playing with general color lay out. My color selection for those first two blocks was pretty random, but turn out to kind of indicate how everything else will go.

J6 – Granny Weaver
J6 - Granny WeaverNext I wanted to do a semi-easy pinkish/orange. For this one I strip pieced.

From the pink I cut (1) strip 9″ x 1″; (2) pieces 2″ x 1″; and (4) 2″ squares.

From white cut (2) strips 9″ x 1″; (1) piece 2″ x 1″.

Sew the 9″ strips white, pink, white. Press. From this cut your (4) 2″ pieces and (1) 1″ piece. The 1″ piece will be for the center of the little nine patch.

Sew the 2″ x 1″ pieces pink, white, pink. Press. Then cut in half so that you have the two side pieces of your nine patch. Construct your center nine patch.

At this point I sized all my sections to 2 inches. Then I sewed it all together like a regular nine patch.

Clear as mud without pictures?

I know at some point I will drop way behind the group, so I’m just slipping some blocks in here and there.

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