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Pieced Diamond in a Square

May 1, 2008

Pieced Diamond in a Square
I received a question about making the little diamonds on the Dear Jane blocks. I didn’t know if I as being asked about the appliqué (which I have no advice on!) diamonds, or the ones I pieced on the Hot Cross Buns block. But I wanted to make another block tonight, and I’m always happy to show-and-tell, so here is how to do a 3-Piece Freezer Paper Template Pieced Diamond in a Square (or Rectangle). =) Nice title, huh? If you haven’t tried it before, please check out the freezer paper piecing method at Purple and Paisley (who I have spoken with since my previous link to her!).

All my pictures are click-able for larger views.

Found this lovely block was perfect for the demonstration and killing two birds with one stone! This is G11 Decisions, Decisions from the Dear Jane book. Start out by tracing or drafting onto freezer paper our diamonds. Carry the lines along one side of the diamond down to the edge of the rectangle since this will be your sewing line.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Cut your pieces apart on the sewing lines. Iron the diamonds to the wrong side of your colored fabric, and the outer pieces to your light fabric. Using a ruler trim around the freezer paper template for a 1/4″ seam allowance. **For the light pieces I learned it’s better to leave lots of extra fabric around the outer edge – what matters for these is just getting that inner V shape cut to 1/4″.** Also note how I numbered the light pieces. Make one clip in the V of the light pieces that goes just a few threads shy of the paper template.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Taking your diamond and the #1 outer piece, hold them right sides together. Insert a pin at the V of the light piece, and then at the wide point on the diamond.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Use the pin to match those two points and swivel the diamond around so that the raw edges of these two pieces match along just one side of the diamond.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Now sew from the point where your pin was to the end of the pieces. I literally line up my sewing machine and lower the needle so that I can get it inserted right into that point. If you can manage a back stitch here, that makes me feel better.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Since your piece is now sewn at that point, and you clipped to your V, you can bend the light piece down so that it’s raw edge matches the next side of the diamond. (bad picture… I tried. Night photos are just not as good!) Sew along this edge – you can go straight across if you don’t catch the fold, or from that same point you started at before.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

You should be able to open it up now and have something like this. (I didn’t trim my piece all the way, so really your edges will all line up with the diamond).
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

For the next side, we’re going to do that all over again. Insert a pin in the V and on the wide point of the diamond. Swivel the piece around so that the raw edges line up with one side of the diamond.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Sew from the wide point of the diamond to the end of the pieces.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Bend the piece so that the last edge lines up with the last side of the diamond. Sew from the center out again.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Open it up and press. Flip it over and trim with a 1/4″ all around the templates (if you didn’t cut your pieces perfect at the beginning!)
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

Once it’s cut to size go ahead ad remove the freezer paper.

If you’re just making a diamond in a rectangle then you’re done! But here’s the rest if you are making the actual G11 block. The diamond rectangles should be 2 1/2″ by 1 3/4″. Cut one square of your color that is 2 1/2″. Cut four colored squares that are 1 3/4″. And sew it as you would a 9 patch.
Pieced Diamonds Tutorial

All done! I’m really loving the crispness of the pieced diamonds and I didn’t have to do a spe
ck of hand stitching. Although, it would be very easy to do this piecing by hand!
G11 Decisions, Decisions

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