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On The Rise

May 8, 2008

On The Rise
Angry Chicken is talking about “that bread book” again, too. Her new favorite is the oatmeal loaf. That one looks a little heavy for my tastes judging by her description that it could “hurt someone if you threw it at them,” and the ingredients list. Tonight I’ve got two more half batches of dough going in the fridge.

Oat FlourI decided to go for the oat flour bread, especially when I figured out how easy it is to get oat flour. Did you know that you can make your own just by grinding oats (regular or quick cooking) to a flour consistency in the blender, food processor, or coffee grinder? Luckily I have the nifty grinding cups for my blender from when I went through my make-your-own-babyfood stage (which lasted maybe a month!). But seriously, having random nifty gadgets does make cooking and baking more fun and easy!

We’re not big fans of wheat bread in these parts, but I bought some wheat flour to try anyway. I did grow up on Roman Meal bread, but I’ve always considered that to be wanna-be wheat bread. Looks like there’s a similar version in the book, called Light Whole Wheat Bread. It’s got 1 part whole wheat flour to 5 parts white flour. So that’s the other one I whipped up tonight. If these turn out anything like the boule, I don’t see how they could be bad.

I leave you with a picture of my lunch. I’m finishing up the last of my challah with raisins with a quick version of my favorite chicken salad. Usually I bake chicken, use red grapes, and up the mayo to 3/4 cup on that one. This is my quick version where I use a can of chicken and sometimes toss in pre-shredded cheddar in place of the swiss (all other ingredients adjusted accordingly, of course). Mmmmm….
Lunch - Chicken Salad on Challah w/Raisins

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