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B10 Jud’s Trophy

May 9, 2008

B10 Jud’s Trophy and Beyond
B10 Jud's Trophy I finished this one the night before Anina posted it on the Dear Baby Jane blog. Then I decided that maybe I would prefer to not know what blocks she is choosing next because it’s more fun not knowing! We just have one more block for row B now. That last one in row B will be my 30th block, and that’s 17% done! (Hmm, that doesn’t really sound as encouraging when it’s put that way!) For this one I freezer paper pieced the center, then pieced the rest like normal. I find the trick for piecing these little ones is to use much larger scraps and cut them down. That way the tiny fabric pieces don’t get sucked into your machine when you sew.

I didn’t memorize anything while making this block, but I didn’t want to post until I did pick a verse and memorize it. Gotta stay on track, right? So Galations 5:13 it is. “You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge in the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.”

I wanted to show how I’m keeping track of my Dear Jane quilt progress. I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet all set up with colored cells so that I know what color to make my blocks. Then when I finish a block, I insert the picture of it into the cell in it’s spot. I’ve then got another page or two with the verses I’m memorizing, and the textual record of what’s done and colors, etc. It’s pretty fun.
Dear Jane Progress on Excel

Last night we got a new printer to use with our Mac laptops. We only have a Dell desktop (which is horribly old and slow), and printer which is not compatible with our laptops. The new printer is supposed to be wireless, but as we were setting it up last night we discovered that the drivers disk is for an older version of OS X 10. We can print if our computers are plugged in to the printer, but it won’t scan and such yet without those drivers installed. So, yes, that picture above is a picture of a print out!

Also in the mail yesterday was my Mother’s Day gift! I learned early on in marriage the value of the Amazon wish list when it comes to any gift giving time. So my wonderful husband got me the Civil War Quilt books, both of them!! I’m hard to surprise, I guess, so I got to start perusing through them last night. I’m so excited. I suppose I might just try doing maybe 2 a month to start? I wish I could go out and buy a bunch of civil war repro prints, but that’s just not feasible. So I’ll just have to start with a few blocks with what I have in my stash, which isn’t much in the way of colors I want for this quilt.
Mother's Day Gifts

These books are very similar to the Dear Jane book as far as “patterns” go. But the drafts are in color which I find helpful. I’m thinking I might simply go off of the colors shown for what I’ll use in my blocks.

One more thing! Have you seen this quilt?! It’s called Scraparadise, and I think it is so gorgeous! Christiane is sharing the pattern as block(s) of the month currently, here. It’s in German, but the pictures of the blocks make it seem easy enough… so to speak. It’s make up of mostly small squares that are 2.5″ she tells me, so that they are 2″ finished. The incredible color combinations are what throw me for a loop.

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