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First Civil War Blocks

May 10, 2008

First Civil War Blocks
Tonight my husband was off playing poker at his brother’s place. My father-in-law is in town (staying with said brother), and wasn’t interested in poker so he came over to hang out with the grandkids, which allowed me to play with my new books.

I need a little sense of accomplishment what with the monstrous Dear Jane project underway, so I’ve decided to start with a few blocks and maybe make a pillow or two. We’ve got this new “boysenberry purple” love seat and chair, which came with pillows that have this atrocious print on one side. The couch and chair are actually the color of the raspberry print fabric in the block below. I was originally thinking 4 blocks with sashing would cover my pillows, but actually 5 blocks on point with less sashing would work even better.

Here are my first two blocks… oddly enough, both titles having to do with winter. How fitting in a way considering I’ve just survived my first “real” winter ever here in Colorado. The green and black block is called March to Winter Quarters (pg 32), and the star is called Wretchedly Cold Winter (pg 199). Both are from the Love Letter book. I really like the star. It’s like an Ohio Star variation, and I really like the effect of the squares in the middle. Both of these were freezer paper pieced, and it took about 4 hours total to complete.

March to Winter Quarters - CWLLQ Wretchedly Cold Weather - CWLLQ

Oooo! Love!

I got all caught up on church while making them, listening to sermons I’d missed with all the sickness and moving last month. I missed a couple of good ones. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of going back and listening to missed sermons like that before!

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