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ABC's of Me

June 6, 2008

Abc’s of Me
Stealing another meme from Susan’s blog.

Accent: None… I’m like totally from So. Cal.

Breakfast or no breakfast: yes

Chore I don’t care for: All of them. But dishes and laundry are tops.

Dog or cat: Neither. Just not into animals. Kids are enough for me at this point in my life!

Essential electronics: Laptop and digital camera

Favorite cologne: Hmmm… a lot of strong smells give me migraines, so I don’t know.

Gold or silver: White gold, which, ya know, looks silver.

Handbag I carry most often: According to the date on this picture I’ve been carrying it for almost a year! My mini pleated beauty handbag from Bend-the-Rules Sewing.
Mini Pleated Handbag

Insomnia: Um, it’s 2:15am. What do you think?

Job title: Wife, mom

Kids: 2

Living arrangements: Owner of condo for 2 months now! Me the hubby and the two kids in 3 bedrooms.

Most admirable trait: Loyalty

Naughtiest childhood trait: Hm, maybe eating 1/4 cups full of powdered sugar every day when I came home from school (I mean, as long as the boxes lasted).

Overnite hospital stays: After having my two kids, on separate occasions of course.

Phobias: Heights

Quote: One mans harsh is another man’s refreshing. – Christina, Grey’s Anatomy

Reasons to smile: My funny son, my amazingly intelligent daughter, my amusing husband, quilting, fabric, beautiful Colorado

Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister, I’m the baby.

Time I wake up: Preferably not before 8am, although usually Connor doesn’t allow that.

Unusual talent or skill: Unusual? Not sure…

Vegetables I refuse to eat: Brussel sprouts, cooked spinach, mushrooms in any form

Worst habit: Sarcasm or brutal honesty

X-rays: For my hand/knuckle when I broke it in a car accident, for my back/neck for the chiropractor

Yummy stuff: Crispy fish tacos, chips and salsa, authentic carne asada tacos with lots of salt and lime juice, Dr. Pepper, Red Vines, chicken salad sandwiches, Paula Dean’s eclair cake

Zoo animal I like most: These guys
Giraffe Giraffe Wanna Cracker Wipe your nose!

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