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Best of Flickr

June 7, 2008

Best of Flickr et al.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE Flickr? I’m thinking I found Flickr via Hilary of Wee Wonderfuls. Then that morphed into all the doll quilt and other quilting groups, then it just got crazy and I started this blog and starting swapping… I love the crafting community discussion and seeing what everyone is making. You can thank Kim for this particular post though. I like how she did a little post dedicated to her top 10 photos on her photostream. So here are mine, in mosaic form because I love that, too! (Ok, only 9 of them because it works better that way! #10 is a repeat anyway.)

My Top 9 Most "Interesting" Photos

Alrighty…I have 882 photos with 10,405 views since May of 2007. These are my “most interesting.”

1. My August (’07) Doll Quilt Challenge quilt. A lovely tutorial here from Allsorts. Done in Summer in the City fabrics. Is it any surprise I used this for my header here?! I think this was mentioned on Sew, Mama, Sew once which is how it probably gained it’s popularity.

2. Disappearing 9 Patch Doll Quilt. I don’t claim credit for the pattern (I found it on Helen’s blog, Quilts and ATCs), but I’d like to take credit for it’s popularity, if I may?! People went crazy when I posted this on Flickr and Whiplash. To this day “Disappearing 9 Patch” is the search that gets people to my blog most often. This was also my very first doll quilt.

3. My “Ugly Picnic Quilt” first string blocks. I have to laugh at this one. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of flack for calling these ugly! I see many people love them, I just can’t help my feelings, people. I’m trying. I appreciate all the lovely comments though.

4. Mini Pleated Handbag. I just mentioned this one in that Abc’s post, it’s my purse! It’s a mini versions of the bag in Amy Carol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Love it. Love the green fabric which is Paisley Cactus by Chez Moi for Moda. To this day, my favorite fabric, no longer available last I looked. I have enough left to make another bag maybe.

5. Cathedral Windows WIP. Still a WIP to this day. Meanwhile, Jacquie started and finished her’s after seeing mine! Lovely tutorial here again from Hyena in Petticoats.

6. Strippy Doll Quilt. This one went out as an angel/fairy quilt for a Doll Quilt 1 participant who hadn’t received a quilt. I got so crazy sewing strips together for it that I had enough to make one for me, too! Tutorial was from happythings.

7. Tropical Flower Log Cabin. This was the doll quilt that I did for the 2nd Doll Quilt swap. It’s a doll sized version of Wildflower Log Cabin pattern from the Aug. 2005 American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

8. Love: Hand Quilted Doll Quilt. This remains in the state seen in the picture! Inspired by this photo. Can you tell I love hand quilting??

9. Toddler Patchwork Scarf for the Sew, Mama, Sew sew-along. It was fun, but I never used it!! It was a little stiff because I used thin batting in it. But it features my first ever real embroidery. I haven’t done any embroidery since!

10. (not shown) More “Ugly” String Blocks. Hahahaha! I mean, beautiful!!

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