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First Quilt of Valor

June 7, 2008

First QOV
Almost done with my first QOV. All the blocks are done and I just need to get them together with a border now. I’m done for tonight, couldn’t sew another stitch. I’m really kind of amazed that I got this done in just 3 days. I have a really hard time doing the same thing over and over and over. That’s probably why I’m drawn to doll quilts or large sampler quilts.

QOV Blocks Done
(Btw, if you look close – Yes, there is a fabric with text on it. It’s the pledge of allegiance. I found 2 yards of it for 99 cents at a thrift shop some time ago and knew I wanted to use it in something like this some day!)

Tonight I went and picked up some batting so I can start quilting my string quilt. I have also decided on a simple pattern for my next QOV and picked out fabric for it. It’ll be blue and tan with a large coordinating paisley border. I think I’ll do a little tutorial of this pattern because it looks like it should be quick and easy, but maybe doesn’t look like it?? We’ll see!

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