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May 11, 2009

Today I got nowhere fast on my sweater that I’d hoped to finish.  Late last night I got the sleeves attached.  But I did something wacky thinking that would help with attaching them securely, and then I didn’t even do it regularly around the sweater.  Next thing I knew I was 5 rounds in with more stitches on one sleeve than the other, and although I tried to fix it like 5 times without ripping it out (because I hate doing things the easy way!), I finally gave in and just ripped it down to sleeveless again.

Meanwhile, I’d developed a migraine.  I had to fix the sleeves and reattach them.  And now I’m just two rows in with them attached.  I think I have more to go than I thought I did.  While I was cursing the sweater, my children ran off with a partial ball of yarn (that I kind of needed) and they’d wound a huge cobweb around my son’s bedroom, breaking the yarn in the process.  Momma was no too happy at that point.

Sweater progress Trudging along

Since then I tried to sleep off the headache when the husband got home.  Then I got to go out to dinner with some other MOPS ladies, and I’m feeling much better now.  I even got some cheese blintzes prepped for our leadership meeting in the morning.  So I just might manage to get this thing done before my other package of yarn arrives yet!

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