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Finished A Little Something

June 10, 2009

And here it is!

A Little Something test knit

Pattern: “A Little Something” by Samantha Roshak.
On Ravelry:

Size made: 34″

Yarn: Country in Silver Service (75% microdenier acrylic/25% merino wool), used 400 yds

Needle: size 9

Modifications: None, since it was to test the pattern… Wait, actually that’s a lie because it calls for casting on by knitting on. I tried, really I did, and was not successful. So I scrapped that and went for long tail cast on and then eliminated the purl set-up row. Also my lace is diagonally off by a stitch because of a correction that was made after I was too far in.

A Little Something test knit

A Little Something test knit

A Little Something test knit

It doesn’t quite fit as intended.  It should close over your chest a bit more, but even with some additional stretching, it just didn’t work that way for me.  I do like it though, and will probably make another for myself in a larger size.  This one is off to my teen-aged niece.  Because every girl deserves a handmade item of clothing from a crazy “old” aunt, right?

I love the yarn.  It’s so soft, has a nice sheen, and I like the drape.  It’s kind of heavy… yet light.  I really don’t know what I’m talking about when it come to yarn, so there you go!  At $5 per skein this sweater cost me barely more than $10.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 10, 2009 3:28 pm

    Very cute! Looks like a fun knit.

  2. June 19, 2009 1:12 am

    pure awesomeness!

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