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Whirlpool Now Available

November 2, 2009

So I’m super excited to have released the Whirlpool pattern yesterday and already 2 sales this morning! The pattern is available as a pdf, which you can purchase for $3 via Ravelry. The actual blue one that I completed while re-writing the pattern is available for sale in my etsy shop also.  (see link in sidebar)

Crazy weather we are getting here for sure. Yesterday it was in the 70’s. Last week there was one late start, which cancels my son’s AM kindergarten, and two snow days… this after he’d been off for a 2 1/2 week fall break. So Cosette and I got out in the snow when he finally was back in school, me sporting my new beanie. I’ve since reworked the decreases at the top to make it a little more interesting. This’ll be my next pattern, which I’ll offer for free since it’s so simple. You could easily knit it up in a evening or 2 depending on how fast you are. It measures about 16″ but is very stretchy, comfortably fitting my 22″ head. I should have made the second one in a solid color, but I just really liked the look of the yarn… yep, it’s a acrylic… The pinkish one is done in Moda Dea Vision, Karma (65 wool/35 acrylic). The second in Red Heart Collage, Wood Trail.


Flowerbud Beanie #2 Flowerbud Beanie #2

This week I’m working on test knitting a ruffled version of this pattern. It is very simple, but I love it so far. The pattern doesn’t indicate what sort of increase to do, so I started by making one, then started over doing a yarn over… then I realized that won’t work well on the decrease side. But I’m going with it and will do something like k2tog, yo, 2ktog.

Ruffles Baktus with YO increases

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