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One Week Post-Op

May 15, 2010

A week ago Thur. I had my surgery to remove the ganglion cyst. After watching some videos online of people draining or whacking their cysts, I have to say I’m still happy I went the surgery route. I’ve never had surgery before, so it was quite the experience… my first time with real anesthesia and being knocked out. The worst part of the surgery was being woken up. If they had just let me sleep for like another couple hours I would have been happy, but they really just want to get you out of there!  Though I was forced to wake up and move, I came home and got to sleep for a couple more hours, and felt fine by the evening.  I know they said to start with liquids, but I had myself a hearty dinner because I hadn’t eaten in about 20 hours and that just made me feel a lot better.

So here’s the pre-op:
Ganglion Cyst

And 24 hrs. post-op. A bit of swelling and bruising, and a nice orange hue from my arm being dipped in iodine. It obviously didn’t even bleed much. And they’d padded me with about an inch of gauze and then an ace bandage.
24 hrs post op

I kept the bandaging on as they’d done it for 24 hrs. Then lost half the gauze by the second day. Then finally went to a single little gauze square just for padding, and went with a splint to keep from bending it in a way I shouldn’t. By day 5 I was ready to take off the splint. The swelling was gone, and the bruising was now a nice shade of yellow.
5 days post op

This one was taken last night of my incision. I finally took off the Steri-strips because I felt like they really pulled on my skin and kept me from being able to move. Turns out I don’t want to move it much more than what those strips were allowing anyway since the tendons are still really tight and sore. I can get a fair amount of movement from my wrist, but it feels fatigued pretty quick.

So when I took of the Steri-strips I almost felt like puking… something about the way the skin was situated under them just really grossed me out and I suddenly regretted my decision to remove them.  This is why I never went into the medical profession!  Since then the incision has flattened out though, and I’m pretty sure there are stitches under there, so that makes me feel a little better, and I can stomach looking at it.  Even so I’m padding and covering it up because it just feels better that way.  And I’m able to keep the splint off except at night when I don’t want to accidentally roll onto my wrist and wake myself screaming in pain!

I haven’t attempted knitting yet, though I’m pretty sure it would be ok.  Obviously, typing isn’t a problem.  😉

In other news… still waiting to hear back on my Knitty submission for the next issue (July 2010).  Not feeling terribly confident since I see a handful of people have already gotten their yes’ but I’m still hopeful.   I’m happy with the design and  just eager to be able to reveal it!   Any how many people get to reveal a new pattern when they’re in the midst of not even being able to knit?!

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