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Malabrigo Stockpile Month

October 28, 2010

For a couple months I’ve had some patterns in the works, but had not gotten very far with them.  As more time goes by I tend to get discouraged, lose my momentum, and then… Malabrigo Junkies come to my rescue!  October was Stockpile month – a month to focus on knitting with Malabrigo and actually “stockpile” finished projects for gifts.  I love knit-alongs, and group efforty things so I went right to work.

I also discovered, quite late, that Malabrigo was having a Sock Yarn design contest.  I was so in on that!  So first up we have my Adelei Shawl.  This is just a peek… the pattern will be released Nov. 1 after my entry is submitted.  I used about 420 yds of Malabrigo Sock in Ochre, and I love this shawl!  It’s scarfy, and ruffly, and oh so soft, of course.  Plus it’s got a tiny bit of bling with the little iridescent beading.

Adelei Sample

Next, I finished a 198 Yds of Heaven shawlette.  This is the first shawl I’ve made in worsted weight, and I really like it.  I’ll have to make one for myself someday, but this one is off to a friend.  I had 5 skeins of worsted Blue Surf, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make a sweater switching off balls of yarn every couple of rows… and it would have been necessary looking at my skeins, even though they are from the same dye lot.  Sooo, I had a lot of Blue Surf to use for Stockpile.

198 Yds of Heaven

Then came a couple of my Berruti hats… another in Blue Surf, but also one in Marine.

Berruti Hats

After completing the 198 Yds of Heaven Shawl, I was inspired to try making a matching hat. It came together amazingly fast! Usually I struggle a lot with designs, knitting and re-knitting, tweaking, and even then sometimes things don’t come together. But this one just clicked and 3 days later I had the pattern and prototype complete.

Ashwyn Slouchy Beret

Then there was ANOTHER contest for a one skein design, soo this was surely going there! I dubbed the beret Ashwyn, and made another in worsted Pearl along with my test knitters. I love it! Gotta get myself some more Pearl to make a shawlette now.

Ashwyn Beret Ashwyn Beret

I’m also working on a pictureless scarf to match my Flower Bud Beanie. I’m not crazy about knitting scarves, I’m finding. I don’t know what it is… maybe that the rows never change, never grow, never get smaller like they do with shawls. Anyway, it’s coming long. And it’s getting COLD here. At least when it’s in the 70’s one week and in the 40’s the next, my body is in shock. I’m the fool walking around in 10 layers of knitwear.

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  1. jeri permalink
    October 28, 2010 5:01 pm

    Beautiful stuff, Wendy!!

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