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The Making of the Adelei Shawl

November 2, 2010

One of the first things I wanted to incorporate into this shawl was a unique “spine” increase.  I love the look of faggoting (though I really hate the word!), so decided to incorporate it as the spine.

The first shawl I made with the lace I wanted and the spines that I wanted was a triangle shawl.  I wasn’t terribly pleased with the deep triangle though since I like to wear shawls more like scarves. I really loved how the point of the lace turned out, but I wanted something longer in the wingspan and more shallow.  (This one was made with Knit Picks Palette in Blush)

Adelei Triangle - prototype

In my search to change the shape, I was inspired by Westknits’ Pogona. This shape seemed perfect for showing off the parts of the lace that I really loved. Then came the math… why didn’t I pay more attention in calculus?!


Adelei Shawl

This was also my first attempt in using beads. I used size 6/0 iridescent seed beads for this project because I wanted just a little bit of sparkle without it being over the top. Since I didn’t have a crochet hook small enough for my beads, nor did I want to pre-string my beads and figure out that whole thing, I used a small piece of wire to apply my beads. Both the crochet hook and wire application methods are demonstrated in this video.

Adelei Shawl

Adelei Shawl

The lace pattern is fairly simple. A lot of the wrong side rows are simply purled, though there are some rows that have a mix of knits and purls. The pattern contains full written instructions as well as charts.  I used one skein, and all but 20 yds (420 yd total), of Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Ochre.  Approximately 340 size 6/0 seeds beads optional. It has a wingspan of 52”/132cm measured along the edge stitches, and is 15.5”/40cm long from cast-on to bind-off edges.

The Adelei Shawl is available for $5, or click the button to purchase the PDF directly via PayPal.

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