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Getting Back into the Swing

August 9, 2011

Hello sad little neglected blog!

Ok, I don’t want this blog to be so lonely, so I have a couple ideas for me to get it going again.  Right now I’m working on some secret knitting, which I’ll be really excited to share with you all some day soon-ish.  But that makes me a little sad for the now when it comes to sharing what’s on the needles.  But fear not, because I really always have like 10 projects on the needles.

I went to Africa in June.  Seems like a lifetime ago.  On the obnoxiously long flight to the other side of the world I started working on Aidez.  Love, love, love this casual, cabley, chunky, comfy-looking sweater.  Totally my style.  So I got me two ginormous skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool because the price was right compared to my other options…. Do you know how difficult it is to wind 478yds of chunky yarn?!  Yeah, not easy, but I succeeded… on my second skein.  I started on the sleeves because I hate sleeves.  And now I’m STILL 3 inches from finishing the first one.  Hrm, soon I will get back to that.

Aidez Sleeve

Last night I bit the bullet and frogged 4, yes FOUR, projects that I had on the needles that were just not working.  Then I rewound the yarn and put it away and I really feel a lot better about my WIP pile now.

This evening I also discovered the Joy the Baker podcast… lurve it!  Until my next post, go check it out!


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