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Quick Greek Salad

August 18, 2011

Quick Greek Salad

So I’m a salad lover, and I go through phases.  When I find a salad I like, it’s all I want for a month or two.  This month’s salad addiction is a really quick Greek salad.  Not sure how Greek it is, but it has Greek elements, so there you have it.  It’s also tops on my list because there’s almost nothing for me to prepare or chop up because I buy pre-chopped things (except my lettuce which has to be freshly chopped… OMG, have you seen THIS?!).  I’m not a big fan of whole things in my salad, I’m all about “chopped” salads.

Here’s what I’ve got in here:
Romaine (sometimes I throw in some baby spinach)
cherry or grape tomotoes
kalmata olives
feta cheese
Kraft Greek Vinaigrette

And it must be well tossed in a HUGE bowl.  Yes, I actually was at a friends house recently and ladies were laughing at me because I was eating out of a bowl big enough to serve a crowd!

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