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Am I REALLY the Only One??

September 7, 2011

So the plastic casing on my MacBook was cracked, then shattered, then a whole piece came off around the magsafe power adapter connector gizmo.   I took it in to the Mac Store and was told by several employees that they had never seen this before (only the cracks on the top display case at the hinge).  Therefore, since the plastic is obviously prone to cracks, I MUST have dropped it causing the damage around the power source because that would never happen as I’ve stated.  I call BS.  The magnet pulls the adapter out of your hand, so that unless you are extremely careful and have perfect aim, this metal piece slams in the narrow plastic area between the power and ethernet connections, over and over.  I’ve talked to friends with MacBook Pros (which have a metal casing), and they’ve said that the plastic protective cases have also cracked where this magnetic power adaptor hits it.  It’s craplastic casing!!

As a “courtesy” they are going to waive the outrageous charge for the diagnostic (seriously, just buy a new computer).  Yay.  So glad I invested in that Apple Care, which seems to cover nothing.  For crying out loud, I use my computer on my lap at home all the time….

Broken MacBook
Broken MacBook

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