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And I’m Back… again

September 15, 2011

I got my computer back today.  It’s like brand spankin’ new!  Apple basically replaced the entire exterior of my MacBook at no cost to me… though, they said it’s a “one time, complimentary” thing.  They obviously don’t want to admit that this white plastic stuff is a joke.  I’ve had this Mac for not quite 2 years, and I’m planning on being extra careful now, but not holding my breath that I’ll not end up with more cracks.  And seriously, how careful do you need to be with a computer that stays at home and is only used on your lap?!

So to reward Apple for their mediocre customer service (ie. customers don’t like being told they are liars that don’t properly handle computers….), I bought an iPad.  I’ve wanted one for a few months, and since I was without my computer for a week, well, yeah.

In knitting news, I heard back from Knitty.  I didn’t make it in the Deep Fall issue, but they are holding on to my design for consideration in the Winter issue.  The wait might seriously kill me.  I’m so excited about this design… my test knitters loved it, and I actually completed the prototype almost a year ago!  This baby is ready to be born.

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