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Dear Jane D1, D5, E2

April 25, 2012

I’m really happy to be closing in on 70 blocks… at which point there will be less than 100 to go!! Uuuugh. This really is going to take forever, but I’m feeling good about my progress now.

59th block completed yesterday – D1 Alison’s Guiding light. Freezer paper pieced this one. I had a panic moment when I went to trim it to 5″ square at the end, and trimmed an extra 1/8″ off to one side. Luckily it was a fairly quick fix to just remove and sew a new strip to that side.
D1 Alison's Guiding Light (59/169)

60th block completed yesterday also – D5 Catherdral Window. And that completes rows A-D of this quadrant!
D5 Cathedral Window (60/169)

E2 Merry May. I decided to save myself a few stitches by doing a reverse appliqué of the center rather than two of the “leaf” shapes on top of each other, as is traditional.
E2 Merry May (61/169)

14 more blocks for my quadrant goal… still not sure if that’ll kill it for me for a while or I’ll keep going.

I should really go knit… I have an official deadline there…

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