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Dear Jane G7, F3, G5, E6

April 30, 2012

4 Blocks done this weekend. Most of them I used charm squares.

G7 Indianapolis. Completed 4-27. Not perfect, but close enough. Like usual, I did the straight lines by machine, and the curves by hand sewing. The yellow is a charm square, which is why there wasn’t enough for the little blue sections.
G7 Indianapolis (63/169)

F3 Snowball. Completed 4-28 Pretty easy block though I still managed to have to redo the corner triangles. Made this one with a 5 inch charm square with a couple square inches of fabric to spare.
F3 Snowball (64/169)

G5 Poof. Started on 4-27, finished hand sewing on 4-28.
G5 Poof (65/169)

E6 Michele’s Medley. Completed 4-28. This one I did a little different from the book draft. It looks really obvious to me in the original picture that the rectangles are pieced, not solid (as if the fabric was striped?). There are a few blocks in the book so far that I just don’t get why she drafted the way she did. I mean, here, she’s got you piecing the tiny center square with 1/8″ pieces, but she eliminates the 1/4″ stripes which are simple if you can get the center! It went together fairly easy, but I did goof a bit on the center square and my seam allowance are virtually 1/16″ of an inch. I don’t think I want to risk them popping, so I’m gonna redo. Plus I noticed the white scraps I used were different hues! Weird. The pink here was another charm square, so I guess that one is gone…
E6 Michele's Medley (66/169)

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